Malawi people today wey be Tuesday don begin press hand for paper dey vote for their country dis early morning. Na dis one go make de number six times wey de country don do election since dem stop to do only one party for de country for 1994.

Na 5,006 poling unit wey scatter for evri where for inside de country na im de country people take vote for dier number one guy, wey go be dia presido and dem still go vote for 193 Members of Parliament and 462 local councillors.

De people wey dey in charge of de election for de country wey dem dey call, Malawi Electoral Commission, talk say na 6.5 million voters out of the 20 million wey don reach de age to vote for inside de country go vote for de election.

Na 6 o’clock early mon mon na im de election take start and na 6o’clock for evening na dem go stop to vote.

De Vice president for malawi, wey im name na Saulos Chilima and Lazarus Chakwera, na dem be de ghenghen people wey dey follow de President wey im name be Peter Mutharika drag for de president sit.

De president and anoda 6 people na dey drag de president sit for de election wey dem dey do so.

De remaining 4 people name na Atupele Muluzi, wey dey  United Democratic Front party, Peter Kuwani wey dey Mbakuwaku Movement party, John Chisi wey dey Umodzi Party and de last person na  Hadwick Kaliya, wey stand e own nor joni bodi for any party.

Na de person wey go carry de biggest number of people wey vote na im go win de president seat.

As all de election dey happen so, de oga kpatakpata for d people wey de arrange de election and still dey use eye touch light de election mata inside Malawi, wey dem dey call, Chairperson Electoral Commission, Jane Ansah talk say de election dey go on wella and nobodi don come report for dem say wahala dey ani where inside de country.

Jane Ansah con still talk say once de election finish for evening, dem go start to dey count am quik quik, say dem nor go waste any time.

No need to even rush because na a whole 8 days na im de Malawi Electoral Commission get to count de result and talk who win but de tin come be like say na for weekend na dem go talk who win de election.

De good news be say unlike before before wey people nor dey gree come outside for Malawi to vote, dis election so, many people na im waka come outside con vote.

De tori wey dey ground for de election wey people take campaign and wey Malawi people dey dey look now to vote be tori of corruption, youth unemployment, and de killi killi of albino people.


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