Police Arrests Two Kenyan Bloggers Over Dirty Kura Tender Expose

Police Arrests Two Kenyan Bloggers Over Dirty Kura Tender Expose

Police are reportedly holding two bloggers following a story they published revealing the dirty tender details at the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA).
Reports indicate that the two bloggers, Jack Okinyi (Business Illustrated) and Milton Were (Kenya Today) were lured to a hotel in Upper Hill before being abducted, beaten up and wrapped in a trash paper.

They are currently detained at Capitol Hill Police Station.
“Okinyi was the first to be arrested from Upper Hill and driven to Mlolongo after being beaten up and wrapped in a trash paper before they traced Were and nabbed him. They were then taken around the city before they were booked at the Capitol hill police station,” a source intimated.

Apparently, the officers used to intimidated the bloggers were said to have been from the Special Crimes Unit with further information indicating that they are planning an intense grilling session.

The details of the story published involve the dirty tenders awarded by KURA. Banisa MP Kulow Maalim is at the center of the tender scandal with further accusations of failing to meet the tender requirements.
At the core of the scandal is deputy director supply chain management at KURA Mrs Sadia Haji Adam khalifa.
Reports indicate that Mrs Sadia Haji Adam khalifa awarded contracts to a company belonging to Abdisirat Khalif Ali without following the strict guidelines of the tender requirements by KURA.

Abdisirat Khalif Ali is a very close friend to Banisa MP Maalim hence they reportedly manage the company, Tasha Holdings Limited together and get tenders from KURA. The MP’s link to the company has however been kept anonymous.

Additionally, the engineer assigned the project reportedly does very shoddy work and is well protected and is not held accountable.

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