642 Apply to Volunteer in Egypt’s COVID-19 Vaccines Tests in One Week, 332 Admitted

COVID-19 Vaccine

Egypt’s Coordinator of the Anti-COVID-19 Scientific Committee, Ihab Kamal stated in a phone-in that the number of individuals who volunteered in just one week to take part in the vaccines tests is 642 and that only 332 have been admitted.

He added that the volunteer would be injected with the first dosage and monitored for 21 days. If no side effects appear, they get the second dosage. Anti-bodies tests will be carried out for them over a year, Egypt Daily reports.

The Ministry of Health and Population announced on September 19 the beginning of tests of two COVID-19 vaccines on 15,000 volunteers. The tests will last for 60 days while the follow-up will continue for 12 months.

The volunteers who are all aged above 18 will be injected with two doses. Sources at the ministry disclosed that 135 vaccines worldwide are being clinically tested, and that only seven – including the two being tested in Egypt – entered the third stage.

Seven thousand of the volunteers will be subject to tests at VACSERA. The vaccines being tested in Egypt are Chinese.

Egypt has recorded a total of 102,000 coronavirus cases, with 89,532 recoveries and 5,770 deaths.

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