A Man Shot in Kalimani Area Over a Deal Gone Sour

A Man Shot in Kalimani Area Over a Deal Gone Sour

A man was on Friday night fatally shot in Kilimani over what police say is a gold deal gone wrong.
The victim, Kevin Omwenga was allegedly shot in the chest by Robert Bodo Ouko following an argument over a fake gold deal that was finalized in March.

“They were apparently arguing over money accrued from a deal they struck back in March,” a witness is quoted by the Standard.
The two were heard arguing in the victim’s Galana Suites bedroom followed by a gun shot sound.

Also in the apartment were four others including Omwenga’s brother who went to check what was happening.
He told the police that he saw Ouko leaving the bedroom in a hurry and his brother’s body lying on the floor with blood oozing out of his chest.
It is then that they rushed the victim to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where medics pronounced him dead on arrival.
Ouko later joined them and reported the matter at Kilimani Police Station.
He led the officers to an office along Galana Road where they recovered a Mini-ceska- with 13 rounds of ammunition.

The weapon was in a safe belonging to Ouko who has since been arrested.
Back at Omwenga’s home, police recovered a bullet head and empty cartridge.
According to the DCI, the firearm, which has been kept as an exhibit, will be subjected to ballistic analysis.
The deceased persons remains have been moved to the mortuary pending a police investigation.
Sources indicate that the group is involved in fake gold deals and have conned unsuspecting buyers of millions of shillings.

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