At Least Two Killed in Somalia’s Security Camp Explosion

At Least Two Killed in Somalia’s Security Camp Explosion

At least two police officers were killed and an unspecified number of others were injured as a result of an explosion that targeted a security camp in Mogadishu. According to a police report cited by media, a suicide bomber attacked a restaurant in close proximity to a police base.

“A blast occurred at a restaurant near School Policio (police base), we shall give details later,” police spokesman Sadik Ali shared.

According to a witness, shopkeeper Mohamed Ali, police opened fire after the explosion. he recounted how he could see huge clouds of smoke rising above the restaurant as ambulances were attempting to reach the blast site. It is yet unclear who is behind the attack.

Last week, a landmine blast targeted a convoy carrying Somalia’s Minister of Labour and Social Services Duran Farah Ahmed at KM-4 Junction in the Somalian capital. No group claimed responsibility for the attack at the time either, but the Al-Qaeda*-linked group, Al-Shabaab, had in the past carried out similar attacks in Mogadishu, for political reasons, in a bid to topple the central government in the Horn of African country.

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