COVID 19 Pandemic Pushes Small Girls to Use Rags During Period

COVID 19 Pandemic Pushes Small Girls to Use Rags During Period

Many women and girls in vulnerable communities in Kenya have resorted to using rags instead of sanitary towels due to the economic effects of the pandemic. A poll by Infotrak released on Wednesday suggests that of the more than a quarter of the women and girls surveyed, 36 per cent, have taken to use of rags instead of sanitary pads for their period.

The survey on the unending water crisis in Kenya amid the Covid-19 pandemic indicates that at least 39 per cent of women under survey decided to use home made soap due to lack of hygiene products.

More than half of the women interviewed in Mombasa said they used home produced soap during the period under review.

The survey was carried out in the counties that have been mostly hit by the virus, including Nairobi. Many poor girls across the country use old blankets, tissue paper, mattresses and cotton wool during their periods for lack of sanitary towels.

The government by law is mandated to provide free sanitary towels to girls in public, primary and special needs schools through the Education ministry. However, the government said it lacked funds to provide pads.

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