Ethiopian Police Charges Opposition Leader of Inciting Inter-ethnic and Religious Conflicts

Jawar Mohammed

The Ethiopian Police during the week charged Jawar Mohammed, an opposition leader of inciting inter-ethnic and religious conflicts that has left over 200 civilians dead in Oromia towns and Addis Ababa.

An investigation team under the Federal Police charged the defendant of plotting coup and attempting to demolish monument of King Minilik II while presenting an investigative report to the Arada Federal 1st Instance Court.

The Police charged the leader of the Oromia Media Network (OMN) for various criminal activities that has led to the deaths of 109 civilians, 187 others heavily injured, burnt of hundreds of buildings and abduction of civilians in the country.

Jawar has pleaded guilty of the charges even with 25 people reportedly testifying against him.

The Ethiopian Police, claiming that other many crimes were also committed by the suspect and investigations to have been underway, requested 14 additional days to complete its investigation.

The nine lawyers representing Jawar Mohammed claimed the police did not offer anything different from the previous hearing.

The court, which acknowledged the progress of the investigation conducted in the last days, finally gave 12 additional days for the police to complete its investigation.

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