Fuel Prices in Kenya to Rise in August

Fuel Prices in Kenya to Rise in August

Fuel prices are set to hike once more in the upcoming August review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

The price per litre of Petrol and Diesel is set to go up by Ksh3.32 and Ksh2.57 respectively, according to reports by Business Daily.
This will see the price of a litre of petrol retail at Ksh103.80 in Nairobi from the current Ksh100.48, while a litre of diesel will retail at Ksh94.44, up from the current Ksh91.87.

The increase in prices could be attributed to the implementation of petrol levy at Ksh5.40 from Ksh0.40, a 1,250 percent rise.
The Ministry of Energy however in a leaked memo to EPRA attributes the rise to the recoveryy of crude oil prices.
The average crude prices is $42 a barrel. As of June, crude cost stood at $36.34, representing an increase from $23.55 posted in May and $17.64 April.

A shoot in prices tomorrow means that a litre of diesel will have gained Ksh19.87 since May while petrol has increased by Ksh16.10.

Last month, the price of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene shot by KSh11.38, KSh17.30 and KSh2.98 per litre respectively, the highest since 2007.

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