Ghana: Police Commences Investigation into Alleged Abuse of Aboabo residents by National Security Operative

Ghana police

An investigation has commenced to unravel the claims of Yehowaa Yakubu popularly known as Boyo, a self claimed National Security operative, who has been allegedly abusing residents of Aboabo, a community in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Acccording to several claims, Boyo parades himself around the locality as a security agent and who attack and beat up anyone who dares to disagree or confront him.

Armed with a National Security Identification Card and a Pistol, Boyo is alleged to have started his illegal activities since 2016, shortly after the New Patriotic Party (NPP) came to power.

However, his illegal activities came into limelight following a video which went viral, in which Boyo was seen threatening to shoot a police officer who is the bodyguard of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Asawase.

Residents say Boyo parades himself around the locality as a commando, always threatening  to shoot anyone who disagrees  with him or has a confrontation with him irrespective of the severity of the disagreement.

According to the report, soldiers who were wielding machine guns tried to intervene and calm the irate man down during the confrontation with the policeman, but he brandished his pistol and insisted the police officer leaves.

Residents say they have suffered huge humiliations and attack from Boyo and on several occasions felt helpless against him.

However, initial findings from our sources say Boyo is and was never a member of the National Security Operative  but was only using his false claims to oppress the community for personal gains.


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