Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta has commended the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA)
“for its drive and passion to improve medical practice in the country for better patient care and health outcomes.”

He gave the commendation at the second National Health Summit organised by NMA on Tuesday in Abuja with
the theme “Patient-Centred Care (PCC).

He also lauded the association “for canvassing for standard operative environment for NMA members and other healthcare
providers, in line with global best practices.”

He said that over the years, the NMA had continued to impress with its robust advocacy, training and development of its
members, as well as engage in corporate social responsibility.

He added that the advocacy was through public enlightenment programmes, especially with regards to communicable diseases.

The Delta governor noted that the vision of the national health summit was one that had the potential to shape and influence
national conversation on healthcare system in Nigeria.

Okowa added that the summit would also serve as catalyst for healthcare reforms in the country.

He called for increased budgetary provision for health, development of health infrastructure, improved life expectancy at birth
and training of healthcare professionals.

He also urged government to work toward tackling the problems of inaccessibility to quality healthcare, inadequate health infrastructure,
dearth of skilled manpower and maternal mortality.

He added that the problems were compounded by the absence of non-functional surveillance system, the menace of fake drugs,
poor sanitation and hygiene, as well as environmental degradation.

He noted that in most cases, individuals and households were made to bear the brunt of dysfunctional and inequitable health system,
devoid of any social protection.

He said many individuals were compelled to either seek alternative healthcare services that might be unsafe and injurious
or pay out of pocket for health care services that were often beyond the reach of the common man.

He, however, added that PCC as the theme of the NMA summit would address vital aspects of healthcare management,
critical to delivering quality services and ensuring the best possible outcomes and experiences for patients and families.

He said PCC model was a core strategy for improving quality of healthcare.



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