Kenya’s Tuskys Supermarket Re-opens It’s Kisumu Branch

Kenya’s Tuskys Supermarket Re-opens It’s Kisumu Branch

Troubled Tuskys Supermarket has reopened it’s Kisumu branch located at United Mall, a day after auctioneers descended on the outlet, catching shoppers unawares.

The retailer owed the mall owner a whopping Sh26 million in rent arrears.
But according to news sources, the cash-strapped retailer has since paid Sh15 million and has promised to settle the remainder by Monday.

“Kindly note that Tuskys has sent us a proof of payment for rent arrears up to the end of July. Kindly confirm receipt of the same,” Felix Apollo Owuor from Victoria Blue Auctioneer Services wrote to lawyers acting on behalf of United Mall.

Kenya’s Tuskys Supermarket Re-opens It’s Kisumu Branch
Further, Mr Owuor stated: “Please, note that we have to immediately open the supermarket since the attachment only took place for the arrears. Should there be any default for the August rent, kindly proceed to issue fresh instructions to enable us issue a fresh proclamation.”
On Thursday evening, Tuskys CEO Dan Githua said the closure of one of their biggest outlet was a “misunderstanding” that has been resolved.

“We assure our stakeholders that we have resolved the misunderstanding with the landlord, who has been a long-term partner,” he said.
Apologizing to their customers, Githua mentioned that the supermarket will be restocked ahead of the reopening.
Weeks ago, Legacy Auctioneering Services advertised the auction of the retailer’s electronic items, furniture and other household goods over unpaid rent in its Nakuru branch.

The instructions to auction the goods came from Riva plaza, which hosts the Tuskys Midtown branch in Nakuru.
The ailing supermarket chain has been facing hard times and is looking to sell a majority stake to raise capital and funds to pay off suppliers.

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