Liberia’s Vice President Flown to Ghana for Special Medical Attention

Liberia's Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has been flown to Ghana for urgent treatment after developing “respiratory complications”, according to a press statement from her office.

The release reads in part “Having favorably responded to treatment after visiting Aspen, there was a piece of medical advice that the VP should travel outside of Liberia to seek further medical attention,”

Mrs Taylor left the country on Tuesday afternoon following a four-day stay at a private clinic in the capital, Monrovia. Some reports suggest that the Vice President has gone as a result of respiratory complications due to Covid-19.

Liberia’s health system has been and continues to be hugely challenged by the lack of proper medical supplies and abled doctors. As such, many people, especially government officials, prefer flying out of the country for medical treatment.

The Vice President is said to often complain of not being treated like the second in command.

The vice-president’s transfer to Ghana prompted an avalanche of calls to radio talk shows in Monrovia on Wednesday, with many people expressing frustration over the poor healthcare system.

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