Man Who Killed 25-year-old Gorilla in Uganda Jailed for 11 Years

Rafiki gorilla

The Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court has sentenced Felix Byamukama to 11 years in prison for killing Rafiki, a silverback in Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

Rafiki was one of Uganda’s best mountain gorillas. The 25-year-old gorilla was fatally stabbed in the abdomen last month.

A statement by the Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) says “we are relieved that Rafiki has received justice and this should serve as an example to other people who kill wildlife.”

Felix Byamukama had pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal entry to a protected area, killing a gorilla and a duiker.

Here is a statement from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) released on Thursday:Statement from the Uganda Wildlife Authority


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