Mixed Reactions as Government Directs Kenya’s Tertiary Institutions to be Opened

Mixed Reactions as Government Directs Kenya’s Tertiary Institutions to be Opened

Today, the Ministry of Education issued a directive to all tertiary institutions to reopen for face to face learning beginning Monday 5th October 2020.

The directive was received with mixed reactions from Kenyans with some appreciating the move while others criticized the decision.

Kenyans are concerned that the institutions are not yet safe since they were used for quarantine purposes and adequate measures needed to be put in place to fumigate the institutions to make them safe.

“Can someone tell us when these institutions, most of which were used as quarantine or isolation centers were fumigated. When we’re they vacated by their people who were quarantined in them? How safe are they for the students to use?” said Victor Otieno.

At the same time citizens criticized the government for giving contradicting information and termed the move insensitive since the students have not been given enough time to prepare and even pay school fees.

“Prof Magoha, abruptly reopening schools is unsympathetically. The University & College students were not working. Their parents were also struggling with COVID-19. Why don’t you give a 3 months’ notice?” said Elphas.

“He has been flip-flopping all through, now he is waking up with some funny dates. Does he know these institutions operate with money and parents do not pluck money from trees? This is sheer incompetence” said Okumu.

Some Kenyans especially university students welcomed the move saying they had taken a long time in the universities and it was about time they went back to class and complete their studies.

Earlier the students had written to the President requesting him to reopen universities.

“Thank God am going back to school! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Finally I get to complete school.” Said Victor

“Look, we’re going back, which is good for us, but pale TUM tumepewa memo saai kuwa exams are on Tuesday to Friday next week for finalists. A really tough one!” said Esther.

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