De ogas for inside de Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) don hear about de tape recorder wey dem take pick out some people voice come loud am say na 491 work dem dey yan. Even de CBN Governor, Deputy Governor and some oda ogas voice dey inside dis tape wey we dey talk so.

De tori nor be as dem take talk na im be o, de tape sef nor be de starting be dat sef, na make im look like say wayo dey inside wetin dem dey talk, na im make dem start am for wie dem start am o! But de true gist inside dat tape na as dem go take solve d small problem wey de bank balance sheet bin get, na im dem dey join bodi dey talk.

As evri bodi kuku know, for 2015 dat year na im de National Economic Management Team and de National Economic Council (NEC), waka come meet CBN say make dem help state government support dia Budget, afta dat time wey oil prices come get as e be and also de money wey FAAC dey give dem nor reach.

Na make people for Nigeria fit collect dia salaries, pension and gratuities, and make de economy con dey add small weight for bodi, de bank con bring out N650 billion as loans with 9% and two-year ‘do as u like’ period give 35 States for inside de country.

es moni so, na evri month dem con dey give de state but dat one na afta d Federal Ministry of Finance and the Presidency write am down say make de bank give dem de moni.

so as dem wan close de bank 2018 accounts, people from outside wey sabi shine eye check account wey dia name na external auditors for dia own book con mistake put N150 billion wey be loan to states for wrong corner. Dis tin con affect de bank balance sheet and e con also affect people wey put plenty money inside wey dem call share holders.

Dat tape wey people dey listen to na talk of how dem dey reason am why de external auditors con do dis kin tin and na wetin dem fit do to quench de fire. E clear for evri one eye say dis money wey dem give state government nor fit be bad or moni wey lost ontop say de state so.  dem still dey kampe collect dia share for FAAC.

Na so de bank con run go meet Federal Ministry of Finance and de two of dem come follow sit down tell de external auditors say make dem nor fear for de moni wey state collect, na so de external auditors con change dia mouth write say de moni wey states collect so, dem go pay am back. Na so de CBN’s 2018 accounts  con take settle.

dis balance sheet mata na normal  yans among ogas of many agencies, and so make people nor twist de tin to turn am as bad tin.

Like say de people wey dia hand touch de tape put online call CBN tell am say see wetin we hear o, as dem suppose do, we for tell dem de correct tin.

if you look well well, de talk for inside de tape nor be 419 at all as some people dey tink.

De bank dey tell all Nigerians wey get sence and sabi wetin dem dey do say make dem nor mind dat tape  but make dem continue to trust de bank to do tins wey go make bodi cool everi bodi.


De CBN governor character as beta pikin neva change. E nor get any account for Dubia or anywhere sef and ce nor go come begin spend CBN moni like sam na im get am. E neva happen before and e nor go happen lia lia.

so any bodi wey wan use tape wey dem arrange who talk and who nor talk inside, take stain de man nor go work. De bank go try all im power to taker make sure say de people dem wey do dis tin so land for kirikiri.


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