Morocco’s Field Hospital in Beirut has Provided 15,900 Medical Services to Lebanese People

Morocco’s Field Hospital in Beirut has Provided 15,900 Medical Services to Lebanese People Morocco's military field hospital in Beirut.

After the Beirut explosions, Morroco’s King Mohammed VI has proven supportive for the people of Lebanon through series of humanitarian aid and medical supplies sent to the country following the incident.

Morocco’s military field hospital in Beirut has provided 15,900 medical services since King Mohammed VI ordered its establishment after the August 4 explosions.

The free medical services, covering various specialties, benefited 6,970 people between August 10 and 30.

The medical staff offered basic treatment services, including 450 medical analysis services, and 1,203 x-ray examinations, including 479 echocardiography.

Morocco’s field hospital has also carried out a total of 108 surgeries in Beirut, including general surgery and brain, nerve, and eye surgery.

Patients have also benefited from ENT, gynecology, obstetrics, burn surgery, reconstructive surgery, resuscitation, pediatrics, and more.

In addition to medical services, Morocco’s field hospital in Beirut provided free medicines to 5,639 people.

Major Colonel and Doctor Chagar Kacem, who is heading the field hospital in Beirut, recently told Morocco’s state media that the field hospital provides medical services to victims of the Beirut explosions in compliance with preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19.

He added that the medical staff, which includes 46 doctors, managed to carry out microsurgeries on the people affected by the explosions in Beirut.

The military official added that Morocco’s field hospital also delivered the baby of a Lebanese woman. The mother and child both enjoy good health, Kacem said.

Morroco Worldnews reported on Monday that in addition to Morocco’s field hospital in Beirut, King Mohammed VI also sent a total of 18 aid planes to Lebanon. Morocco’s humanitarian aid to Beirut surpassed that of the US, as well as European, Asian, and Arab countries.

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