Multichoice, Startimes, Others Witnesses Huge Viewership Increase in West Africa – Report

Reports has it that Satellite TV operator like Multichoice, Startimes and others have received a 23% increase in viewership from their Nigerian audience in 2019.

This was disclosed by recent data released by a global content connectivity solutions, SES, after reaching out to 35 million TV households across Africa in its annual Satellite Monitor survey.

The study on TV reception also shows an increase in SES reach from 33 million African households in 2018 to 35 million households in 2019.

In Nigeria, it found that satellite TV reception was the choice for 11.8 million households in 2019, a 23% increase compared to 2017, and a further 4.7 million in Ghana, up by 19% from 2017.

The study also highlighted that High Definition (HD) TV sets are becoming increasingly popular, already present in approximately 50% of Ghanaian and Nigerian TV homes.

Other TV reception modes in Nigeria and Ghana currently include terrestrial, cable and IPTV.

According to the latest survey results, satellite TV is steadily gaining popularity as the TV reception mode of choice in both markets, with 70% of TV homes in Ghana and 33% of those in Nigeria opting for satellite in 2019 – an increase from 64% and 27%, respectively, compared to 2017.

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