The number of people wey dey stay inside Nigeria don increase to 201 million from 195.9 million wey e dey before. This one don mean say na 5.1 million people don join.

Nor be me count am the people o, na oyinda people wey sabi count  people give dem money, wey dem call United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, na nak the story for their website.

For inside the report, women wey nor get problem to born children don reduce from 6.4 for 1969 to 5.3 for 2019; this one mean say any Nigeria woman fit born if e small well well na five children.

But if you look all the woman wey dey this world, the ones wey nor get problem for born be 4.8 for 1969; 2.9 for 1994; now na 2.5.

Dem con still talk for inside the report say women for Nigeria wey dey block belle make pregnancy nor enter with different tins be 19 percent and na women wey be 15-49 years dey do this kind tin pass. Dem con still talk say agreement wey these women dey make concern wethter dem wan begin to sleep with man or them wan born pikin and them nor wan ven born sef dey 51 per cent between 2007 and 2018.

The story never finish o, dem even talk say e be like say 49 percent of women wey dey Nigeria nor get power of their own take talk say I wan born or I nor wan born pikin and I wan sleep with man or I nor wan sleep with man.

The UN agency people say na fast fast we take dey plenty for Nigeria. Dem talk say we be dey 54.7 million for 1969 later we con become 105.4 million for 1994 and now we don reach 201.0 million for 2019.

Dem say out of that 201 million, 88.44 million people for inside na around 0 and 14 years, those people wey dey around 10 and 24 years na 64.32 million dem be.


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