Since wey that heavy rail wey oyinbo people dem call ‘cyclone kennedy’ happen for the country wey im name na Mozambique, the talk talk person for United Nations don yan say the situation for that country don bad pass as dem be dey think am o.

The rain start to fall since on Thursday for the country wey sit down for inside Africa and na so heavy breeze of 220km/h (140mph) blow scatter the whole place.

Now na about 700,000 people dem think say dey big wahala as the heavy rain never gree stop. And dem don talk say heavy breeze go still blow and dem dey fear say heavy rain still dey come.

 “We dey fear because when we look as the weather be, heavy rain go still fall for this country for four days,” Deborah Nguyen, UN World Food Programme talk talk person. “We dey look say the rain go heavy pass the one wey don fall follow Cyclone Idai,” she added.

Pemba, regional capital of Cabo Delgado state, for where about 400,000 people dey stay don see pass 2m (6.5ft) of rain and the heavy rains don cause serious wahala for the place.

The talk talk person wey im name na Saviano Abreu, wey follow be the talk talk person for the  Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) don talk say the tin wey happen for the Macomia and Quissanga don bad well well now o and even one island wey dem call island of Ibo dem fear say rain go carry am go.

People wey government give power for Mahate area, say erosion dey make their heart dey beat fast fast because even some houses sef don kukuma dey scatter.

Them talk say the land for Cabo Delgado province dey very high and plenty people nor too dey stay that area like that.

The World Food Programme don start to give people wey nor get anywhere to go small small food but road wey erosion don chop nor let them go give peole for some kind area.

Na thousands of people don already run comot from their house go find place to stay as some people wan dey use style come dey find trouble.had already fled their homes to seek shelter from violence in camps for displaced people.

One rain be don fall for march this year come kill 900 people and na Cyclone Idai oyinbo people call that before before rain.

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