Nigeria’s 3-Year-Old Recovers from COVID-19

Nigeria’s 3-Year-Old Recovers from COVID-19

A 3-year-old coronavirus (COVID-19) patient in Enugu, south east Nigeria, has recovered after testing negative to the virus.

In a statement by the state’s Commissioner for Health, Dr Emmanuel Ikechukwu Obi, on Sunday in Enugu, the three-year-old was one of two patients very young children in the treatment and isolation centre in the state who tested negative to COVID-19.

He said that the second case that returned negative was a 13-year-old patient.

The commissioner said that the two persons were part of the 10 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in the state.

He said that the state was assessing the possibility of discharging them from the isolation centre in Enugu.

“The two cases are the three-year-old and 13-year old contacts of the 3rd COVID-19 case in the state,” he said.

He said that the staff of the ministry had continued to work tirelessly to identify, isolate and treat COVID-19 cases in the state.

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