Only 10,381,133 Eligible Voters in Madagascar-CENI

Only 10,381,133 Eligible Voters in Madagascar-CENI

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) has announced the results of the annual revision of the electoral list (RALE).

According to a press statement made available The national electoral register was definitively stopped on May 15. Thus, the country counts at the end of these operations 10,381,133 voters or 81,550 more than the list definitively decided on May 15 of last year. ”

As part of this RALE, the CENI proceeded, among other things, issued national identity cards to eligible electorates which includes those who were previously omitted and who changed their address.

Deceased voters and those who lost their right to citizenship, and therefore cannot vote following a court decision were removed from the voters list.

In addition, errors claimed by certain voters on their personal data were corrected.

Thus, the CENI claims to have added 524,669 voters to the electoral list (citizens having reached the age of majority, omitted or having changed their address) and the number of entrenchments made amounted to 443,119 during the revision operations of the voters list which started on December 1 last year.

The Communiqué of the Electoral Commission on the result of these operations does not, however, make the slightest reference to the duplicates noted on February 28, which amounted to 110,629 voters, or even to identical national identity card numbers with names or addresses. 1,162,512 voters. However, this information had sparked controversy, having even pushed CENI vice-president Thierry Rakotonarivo to file his resignation letter in March.

With the epidemic which is not sparing the country, the discussions around the problems raised within the CENI seem for the moment to be thrown into oblivion.

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