Picture of 25-year-old Colonel who led the Coup that Overthrew Malian Government

Colonel Malick Diaw who led the coup that overthrew Malian Government

On Tuesday, mutinying soldiers in Mali detained the President and other top officials in the Malian Government, an action which has led to the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in the early hours of Wednesday.

It was recorded that the coup that overthrew the President and his government to the jubilation of majority Malians was led by a 25-year-old Colonel Malick Diaw.

Col. Diaw is also the Deputy Head of the Kati military division.

After taking over the camp, about 15km (nine miles) from Bamako, the mutineers marched on the capital, where they were cheered by crowds who had gathered to demand President Keïtas’s resignation earlier.

However, Colonel-Major Ismael Wague, a spokesman of the mutineers, calling themselves patriotic forces of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People, said they acted to prevent Mali from falling further into chaos.

“We are not keen on power, but we are keen on the stability of the country, which will allow us to organise general elections to allow Mali to equip itself with strong institutions within the reasonable time limit.” he said.


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