Residents Express Worries over Increasing Criminality in Kampala, Mengo and Lugala

Luke Owoyesigire

Residents of Lugala, Mengo and Old Kampala in Kampala’s Lubanga Division are concerned over the increased cases of crime in the area.

Locals say the gangs walk in groups carrying machetes and mug people. The gangs also break in people’s houses at night stealing valuable goods.

Police say a combination of factors has led to a increase in crime in areas. One of these factors is the pushing of the curfew from 7 to 9pm which has exposed those still outside when it gets dark, to attacks from thugs.

”The fact that the curfew time came from 6.30am to 5am some people are taking advantage of that time of 5am because most of these crimes happen at 5am and some of them happen st 9pm and 10pm,” said Luke Owoyesigire- Dep. Spokesperson Kampala metropolitan police.

Police say halting of regular patrols by Local Defense Unit personnel has also allowed crime to grow since the security personnel has reduced.

Residents are calling on the government to built a police station in Lugala and start patrols like those carried out previously by the Local Defense Unit to help fight the gangs terrorising residents.

The police have reported that they are putting in measures to aid curb the crimes like community policing and so far several suspects have been apprehended and are currently awaiting arraignment in court.

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