South African Government Impose Level 3 Curfew, Bans Alcohol

South African Government Impose Level 3 Curfew, Bans Alcohol

SA will go into lockdown level 3 with immediate effect from midnight, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Monday.

He said this would be done to curb the further spread of the coronavirus that is wreaking havoc in the country.

Under adjusted lockdown level 3, all indoor and outdoor gatherings will be immediately prohibited.

Only funerals will be allowed, but they can only be attended by not more than 50 people.

Curfew will be extended from 9pm to 6am, while all beaches will be closed effective from Tuesday.

Ramaphosa said, in an emotional speech in which he implored people to change their behaviour, that excessive alcohol consumption was putting pressure on the health care system due to stabbings, gunshot wounds and accidents.

Trauma units are filling up while the lives of health care workers are being endangered.

“The sale of alcohol will not be permitted. The prohibition on consuming alcohol in public spaces remains. Distribution and transportation will be prohibited,” Ramaphosa said

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