Somalia Reopens Nairobi’s Embassy Closed During War

Somalia Reopens Nairobi’s Embassy Closed During War

Somalia has reopened it’s Nairobi’s embassy premises, 10 years after Mogadishu won a court case against a private Kenyan businessman who had bought it illegally during the civil war.

The premises initially purchased in 1972, in Nairobi’s Westlands area, were renovated over the past two years under the tenure of Somalia Ambassador Mohamoud Ahmed Nur ‘Tarsan’.

The reopening means Somali diplomats will no longer rent their offices in Nairobi.

On Saturday, Kenyan and Somali diplomats gathered at the renovated building to declare “stronger” ties.

“I came here as a Minister for Foreign Affairs, when I was just two days into the job, and promised we would reopen it one day,” said Somali Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmed Isse Awad, who said it had nearly been “stolen from us.”

“This is a sign that Somalia is back. For anyone who doubts that Somalia is going back to its original state, this (reopening) is an example. It is also a symbol of our relationship with Kenya.”

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