The Tanzanian government says it is currently looking into the cost for the treatment of babies born prematurely but says it has no plans to extend the maternity leave limits of new mum.

According to reports from a report by The Citizen newspaper, mothers who give birth to one baby will continue enjoying 84 days of maternity leave while those with twins will get 100 days, the paper says.

Deputy Health Minister Faustin Ndugulile while responding to a question from main opposition party Chadema MP Grace Tendega on Tuesday on whether the government had plans to increase maternity leave days for mothers who give birth to premature babies said lactating mothers were to be given two hours per day for breastfeeding and that the government will continue to implement the 2007 health policy on provision of free health services to special groups, including pregnant women.

“The ministry is striving to improve various child delivery services. We are now implementing phase two of a strategy to improve the health of infants including premature babies,” Dr Ndugulile is quoted as saying.

But the minister acknowledged that treatment for premature babies was costly and the authorities would tackle the issue.

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