Two Suspects Involved in Death of Kenyan Business Man Kevin Omwenga to Spend Another Night in Police Custody

Two Suspects Involved in Death of Kenyan Business Man Kevin Omwenga to Spend Another Night in Police Custody

Two suspects in the killing of Kevin Omwenga at Galana Suites in Kilimani, Nairobi, on Friday night will spend another night in police cells awaiting a ruling on whether they should be detained longer to allow police conclude investigations into the matter.

The two, Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo Ouko, were arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts on Monday morning.
Earlier, the prosecution sought 14 days to detain the suspects to allow the police to complete a probe into the fatal shooting.
“The continued detention of the two suspects is necessary for the furtherance and finalizing of the investigation. Their release could lead to further interference with the ongoing investigations,” reads a miscellaneous application filed by the prosecution.
The accused through their lawyers opposed the request to detain them longer.
Principal Magistrate Derrick Kuto is set to rule on the application on Tuesday, August 25.

Ouko, who is the prime suspect in the killing, had on Sunday told the police in his statement that the shooting was an accident after a disagreement.
The suspect told sleuths probing the alleged murder that he took the gun from his boss’ office at Senteu Plaza next to Galana suits where the shooting occurred.
He claimed that he took the pistol on Friday, August 21 at around 6am and returned it a few minutes before midnight.

Ouko told the police that Omwenga had borrowed the gun to “show off” as they left a joint along Argwings Kodhek Road for Ngara where they picked a female companion.
When he wanted to leave from Omwenga’s house, where apparently there was a party in the sitting room, he pulled the 28-year-old to the bedroom to take back his boss’ gun.
He told the police that Omwenga was shot as they fought over the gun.
Bodo’s statement recorded at the Kilimani Police station, however, does not explain what the argument was about, and who between him and Omwenga pulled the trigger that released the bullet that ripped through the latter’s chest and hit a wall on the bedroom. Earlier, reports indicated that the two were feuding over a fake gold deal gone wrong.
Omwenga was pronounced dead on arrival at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.
Obure was arrested after it emerged that the gun used in the killing belonged to him.

Obure, who introduces himself to his colleagues as a city businessman, had been declared unfit to hold a firearm after several cases of gun misuse. Police are now probing how he acquired the gun.

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