Ugandan President Distributes Bicycles to Village Chairpersons Ahead of General Election

Ugandan President Distributes Bicycles to Village Chairperson

The Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni on Sunday flagged off the distribution of 68,733 bicycles to all National Resistance Movement (NRM) village chairpersons across the country to be used in mobilizing support for the ruling party in the 2021 General Election.

Museveni, who has been in power since 1986 is seeking to extend his rule to four decades, under the country’s ruling party, NRM.

Without disclosing the amount of money spent on the purchase of the Roadmaster bicycles, Museveni said the procurement had been financed using three sources.

He said the money was raised from 20 per cent of his salary remitted monthly to the party treasury, remittances by NRM Members of Parliament (MP) and through fundraising by some undisclosed party members.

“I want to thank those members who contributed money for these bicycles. There are 68,000 villages in the whole of Uganda and all of them will get bicycles. This has been long in plans,” the President said at the flagging off of the distribution exercise at NRM party headquarters in Kampala.

He added: “That should make mobilisation easy. Mobilisation based on the village is easy because you just ride or walk to the houses and talk to people. That is how we were mobilising in the bush.”

Without disclosing the exact date, the President promised to also procure motorcycles and vehicles for all NRM sub-county and all district chairpersons.“In the same way, we are going to get motorcycles for the sub-country NRM chairpersons and later on we shall buy vehicles for the NRM district chairpersons,” Mr Museveni said.


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